I vote for health

Golden Award for Excellence 2017

Communication of medical products and services

Asociaţia Română a Producătorilor Internaţionali de Medicamente (ARPIM) & Image PR


Given the 2016 parliamentary elections, an important moment which would decide the new Parliament and Government, the “I Vote for Health” campaign was launched to draw the attention of Romanian authorities, politicians and public on the fact that healthcare had to be given the importance it deserved and become a top priority for everybody involved. As such, for two months prior to the elections, the “I Vote for Health” campaign put healthcare under the microscope, the topic being extensively debated in the public sphere.

Designed as a flexible, integrated communication campaign, “I Vote for Health” used a diversified mix of communication to bring to the public attention both rational and emotional arguments, reflecting the vital need for rehabilitation of the Romanian healthcare system, marked by numerous shortcomings with a major impact on the population.

Despite the short timeframe, the campaign managed to rally all stakeholders in the healthcare system, from patients to doctors, pharmacists, medicine manufacturers, and even representatives of the business environment, with individual companies and business associations endorsing the campaign, all grouped under an informal Coalition by the same name.

Also, “I Vote for Health” identified the optimum approach and best communication channel for each of the audience types addressed, thus making healthcare a general and personal topic for everyone, at the very same time. To add to its comprehensive perspective, the campaign even included fact-checking, as an active component in its development.

Moreover, through its simple yet engaging voting mechanism, both on the campaign website and on the campaign mobile app used in select locations and events, the campaign managed to empower the audience and raise awareness of healthcare in the election campaign, by highlighting the importance of the voting process in deciding matters also related to individual health.

With a combined total reach of more than 12,900,000, the campaign website and Facebook page are still active, continuing to receive votes and reactions from the public. Over 153,000 votes were cast symbolically on the campaign website in the short timeframe of the campaign, sending the message to decision makers that healthcare must become a real priority for the Parliament and Government to be. As a result, not only was healthcare a dominant topic in the media but the main political parties included its messages in their political platforms presented ahead of the elections. Moreover, they were also included in the program of the main governing party and submitted for implementation.


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