Together for 20 years

Golden Award for Excellence 2017

Internal Communication

Raiffeisen Bank & DC Communication


A valuable knowhow resource for communication professionals and academia

The case study of Raiffeisen Bank’s “Together for 20 years” campaign –  PR Awards Gold winner in 2017, for the “internal communication” category – is a detailed description of a complex and integrated internal communication campaign, that offers a valuable resource of know-how to all those interested, communication professionals as well as academia.

A large scale 5 months integrated internal communication campaign, including 5,500 employees throughout the entire country

The “Together for 20 years” campaign was dedicated to Raiffeisen Bank’s 20 years in Romania, in order to celebrate the major anniversary moment, as well as to redefine the Bank’s commitment to continue the building process, to reinvent itself in line with its mission, vision and values, and to act as a catalyst of team efforts for targeting a sustainable future.

It was large scale integrated internal communication campaign, deployed over a 5-months period, including 5,500 employees, in the entire country, and a constant flow of information maintained active during all this time.

The campaign’s focus was to include the emotional component and make the team feel part of the Raiffeisen success story and, at the same time, to deliver throughout the organization the need to get involved in the construction of the next two decades. In order to reach this goal, adapted tactics and mechanics were conceived, ranging from management conference, to board roadshows, stunts, creation of dedicated communication tools mixing online and offline channels, video content, customized digital and mobile apps etc.

How the information is structured: valuable insights and concrete details

The case study includes the description of the entire construction and implementation process of the campaign, from the identification of the opportunity, to the definition of the strategy, using internal research data, the action plan, the mix of channels and tools, the definition of messages and, in line with them, the identification of tactics and mechanics. All these are detailed in the following chapters of the case: Opportunity, Research, and Planning – including objectives, main messages, tactics, channels and employed tools. The next chapter in the case study is a description of the implementation steps (Implementation). Last but not least, the case study also presents how the campaign’s results were monitored, measured and evaluated (Evaluation), as well as the highlighting of the creative and innovative aspects of the campaign (Creativity and Innovation).

 The Raiffeisen Bank’s “Together for 20 years” integrated internal communication campaign was deployed in 2017 in collaboration with DC Communication. 

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