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Silver Award for Excellence 2019

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In 2019, AVON wanted to launch its biggest campaign of the year: Looks like freedom – an international platform with a speech about importance of authenticity, redefining the concept of beauty and breaking beauty standards.  

Looks like freedom platform showed a whole new point of view on beauty for AVON: we wanted to be known as the aspirational attainable beauty brand for all.

The innovator from the sidewalk, not from the catwalk, that welcomes every type of beauty. 

We believe there should be no stereotypes, because all beauties are beautiful.

We want to liberate people from beauty standards and support everyone’s individual choices. No judgement, no rules, no labels.

We have a whole new brand pyramid, that articulates freedom of choice. AVON becomes the non-judgemental beauty brand that supports your uniqueness and self-expression. For those who are true to themselves, seek liberation from imposed standards, so they can live their life on their own terms.


Consumer studies show people want authenticity now than ever: 87% of consumers rank authenticity above innovation (72%) and product uniqueness (71%), when asked what they valued most in a brand (source);

We selected a shortlist of 30 stories and we tested their emotional impact with Avon consumer

We wanted to find a 100% authentic figure to tell the campaign’s message and we decided to have a bold approach. In the era of global influencers, when traditionally, AVON has been collaborating only with big A-list influencers, we chose to place all bets on micro.

We put our campaign of the year in the hands of a regular woman from Tulcea, with an emotional story.


“I’ve lost a leg, I’ve won a life”

STELA BIZDU is a mother, aged 36 from a small city in Romania, Tulcea. Last year she survived a car accident but lost a leg. She was getting out of the car when another vehicle crashed and ripped apart her leg – her young 4-year-old boy was on the back seat.

We contacted Stela and helped her become a real influencer. She became one of the icons of AVON’s international Looks like freedom platform. We empowered her voice to inspire others, in a mission to democratize the concept of beauty.

We aimed an organic growth. No Ads, no tricks, 100% authenticity and the power of storytelling.


The Avon Looks like Freedom message reached over 80 press materials, reaching general-news media (Click), lifestyle magazines – Marie Claire 4 pages pictorial, UNICA, Femeia, life.ro etc

It generated 10 million opportunities to view (3 mil generated only at the launch, during Digital Divas), over 20 TV appearences (interviews on all top TV stations – PRO TV, Antena1, Antena Stars, TVR, Kanal D, present at TV shows – Access Direct, Măruță, Vorbește Lumea etc).

If we consider the reach boost influenced by all the A-list content creators that promoted Stela at Digital Divas and after the event we can estimate that her story & AVON’s new brad statement got to over 3M people.

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