Telekom Romania

Black Monday

Telekom Romania has experienced in 2018 probably the worst crisis a telco could encounter, and for sure, the hardest until that moment on the local telecommunication market.

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Cool Telekom

Telekom Romania was officially established in the year 2014 following a huge merge and rebranding process. Thousands of employees from different professional and cultural backgrounds were reunited under the DT brand. As expected, this was bound to create internal struggle. Employees were visibly affected by the recent developments on the market and simply found it difficult to understand why being part of Telekom is a great thing for their career and prospects.

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Mobil Nelimitat

Telekom Romania, one of the main players in the national telecommunication market, has adopted a courageous approach to its core business, constantly bringing new commercial offers that not only match those of the competition, but also disrupt the market. An example in this way was the campaign that Telekom launched in 2019, Mobil Nelimitat which introduced on the market for the first digital pre-to-postpaid card. It allows clients to activate their prepaid services or become subscribers in average in less than 5 minutes, through a completely digital experience.

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