Renault Day 2017

Silver Award for Excellence 2017

Internal Communication

Groupe Renault Romania & Graffiti PR


Context & opportunity

Group Renault redesigned in 2017 the principles that stand at the core of the organization. In the same time, the new Dacia Duster was being launched and needed to be communicated in a balanced integration with the new corporate principles.

This context gave us the opportunity to reshape a classic internal event and turn it into an integrated communication tool that accessed Groupe Renault Romania people in the fastest possible way.


Eleven visits to Mioveni Dacia Plant site, 1 workshop with more than 35 people, dozens of talks and calls with different contacts from the client. The conclusions were straight and simple: “we want to see a practical result of our work” many of the Groupe Renault Romania people stated or “we want to show how proud we are of our work here, in Romania, so that our colleagues abroad can understand it”.

In fact, the new Dacia Duster was receiving a big share of local know-how from the Design and Engineering departments, while being manufactured at Mioveni Dacia Plant; the result of a team work practicing in a natural organic way the philosophy of the 5 principles of Groupe Renault.


We used as starting point the 5 principles of Renault Way – the new Groupe Renault’s guiding principles – as they were defined: always keep the customer in mind, bring your contribution, share reality openly, keep on learning, make it simple. We reduced all these 5 key phrases to one concept, familiar and easy to relate to by a large and diverse target group: The pride of A great Team (Mândria unei mari echipe). The graphics solution was composed of a manifesto, a brand color mix of white and yellow accompanied by the checkered flag seen as a symbol of Renault’s motorsport commitment.


Invitation launched on July 6th to all 16,700 individuals and, by extension, to their families. Main communication channel: integrated into the official website of Groupe Renault in Romania ( to highlight the role of this project in the group’s internal communication strategy and new principles. The effect: almost 15.450 people registered by the beginning of September.

Key figures for the event on September 24: 183,500 square meters event space, 13,000 participants, 3.5 km tour of Dacia Vehicle Plant and the Dacia Powertrain and Chassis Plant, 700 drive-tests with 59 models of Dacia, Renault and Nissan, exhibitions of Dacia, Renault and Nissan models, GRR departments exhibition on 1000 sqm under one concept: Renault Way principles in our daily activity, kids playground, sports area. The opening act of the event was represented by the launch of the new Duster exclusively introduced in Romania to the participants.


  • Increase by 40% on number of registered participants vs 2016 (11,000).
  • Increase by 45% on attendance vs 2016 (9,000).
  • Increase by 40% on factory visits vs 2016 (7.000 people).
  • A 90% score of very satisfied and satisfied on the The Satisfaction Form.

Creativity and innovation

  • A straightforward, easy-to-model concept for different communication needs: A Great Team. Defined by a visual solution strongly attached to the brand and its values.
  • Communication of Groupe Renault Romania professions under the Renault Way umbrella.
  • The launch of a new car model first for the company employees, before any official market launch.

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