Silver Award for Excellence 2017

Crisis Communication

Uber Romania & Conan PR



Whether it is ridesharing (uberX), food delivery (UberEATS) or driverless technology, UBER’s mission is to offer viable alternatives to the personal cars and make urban mobility available to everyone, everywhere, at the push of a button.  However, innovation brings change, and change is often feared, misunderstood or just not welcomed. In Romania, unlike in many other countries, UBER’s model is still not defined in the current regulatory framework – this has put the company into a constant reactive/ crisis mode. Moreover, our media monitoring counted at least 10 statements from public officials and transportation stakeholders that were unfavorable towards UBER throughout 2016. The beginning of 2017 presented itself as an opportunity to show key opinion leaders, urban planners, policy stakeholders and the general public that there was a broad community of young people behind the UBER service for whom technology and digital services has become part of their daily life. And that planning the future of mobility, 20-30 years into the future, means planning for a generation that is technology driven.


In January 2017, UBER commissioned the Romanian Institute for Strategy and Evaluation (IRES) to conduct a quantitative research among +1100 millennials from Bucharest and Cluj (main Uber cities in Romania) to survey the role of technology in their daily lives. The results were impressive, and we’ve found out that 95% own a smartphone, 3 out of 10 use UBER, while the mass market potential is huge. 85% recommended mobile apps to their friends, relatives and colleagues – UBER turned out to be the 2nd most recommended app, after mobile banking and ahead of WhatsApp. Also, more than 80% consider that their city is congested and that UBER like services are viable alternatives to the personal car.  

Creative Concept: SmartGeneration

The Smart Generation video documentary was a 3 episodes production, featuring 15 Uber users, among which Vintilă Mihăilescu, Antonio Amuza, Cristian Manafu, all commenting the results of the study and providing context for shifting life patterns in the context of technology.

“Every ride is a story” – we launched a survey among riders inviting them to share with us why they use UBER and tell us memorable UBER experiences. At the end of it, we selected 10 riders and invited them to appear in the Smart Generation video documentary.

Social media results

SmartGeneration video documentary

  • 300,000 video views
  • 878,000 total reach
  • 1,175 reactions on Social Media – likes, shares and comments

Press Conference & coverage

  • 23 journalists attended the conference
  • 100 articles and stories in print, online, radio and TV
  • + 2,5 mil reach



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