Taste the Joy of Home

Silver Award for Excellence 2017

Media Relations

Unilever & GOLIN


The national imprint was more than a brand statement, it was a manifest for promoting family values, bringing people together and making them feel empowered when they are next to their dear ones. Who would have thought that family meals have real, tangible effects on children and adults personal development, that its benefits are more than reuniting with our family, or who was curious enough to rediscover traditions and understand the history of family meals, so that could create so many wonderful opportunities in the future? We did. And our curiosity and creativity revealed many emotional stories of our people and so many experiences that we should be grateful for.

The first campaign and brand platform promoting the importance and benefits of family meals remains a signature of Delikat, who succeeded in amplifying a traditional habit and turn it into a social movement.  We communicated the brands’ platform through the Romanians’ own stories and experiences and created the premises for the “Taste the Joy of Home” purpose.

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