The first “Thank You”

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Social Media

Vodafone Foundation & Next Advertising


In Romania there are a lot of disabled people that cannot use their hands. We do not have any statistics on this specific disability, but, for example, there are more than 30.000 wheelchair users at this moment and part of them cannot use their hands either.

At the end of 2018, Vodafone Romania Foundation launched, on the Romanian Google Play store, a mobile app called EVA Facial Mouse that helps people with important physical disabilities (without arms or with the inability to use their hands) to interact with digital terminals like mobile phones and tablets.
The objectives were to get the message about the mobile app to as many people who need it or to their acquaintances and to generate at least 1.000 app installs in the first 6 months.

The campaign had to target people with physical disabilities (without arms or without the ability to use them) who would like to have access to the online universe and, secondary, care takers of persons with disabilities, those who are their voice in online.

The insight we found (that everybody has the right to be able to write “Thank you”) gave us the big idea: the first “Thank you”. Using the EVA Facial Mouse mobile app, the disabled people will be able to have independence in the online universe. What if their first written message would be a thank you message for those who were their online voices until then?

In the first phase, A well-known romanian vlogger, Ariel Constantinof, documented in a video (you can watch it here) the codependent relation between a disabled person (Marian) and his care taker (his brother, Florin).

In the second phase, we invited in a studio the people for whom Marian had written messages (his brother and two bloggers: and None of them knew what will happen. We filmed everything from one shot, with each of them, in order to capture their authentic reactions and emotions when reading the message from Marian. The videos can be seen here, here and here. The moments we created in the films were so powerful that the 2 influencers chose to share the movies and write about the app.

The authenticity and the emotion of the campaign managed to solve the problem we had (the incapacity to target through media tactics) and generated very shareable pieces of content.

The videos generated more than 1.000 shares, 2.000 reactions and 702.000 views on Facebook. On Youtube, there were more than 30.000 organic views.

But the most important results and the proof that we managed to reach the right audience is the number of app installs we generated through this campaign (there weren’t any other tactics used to promote the app): 3.047 app installs.

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