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The Welcome Home Whopper

How do you stand out as a new player on a market that is already over-saturated? Especially if you have a history as a brand who left the same market a few years ago? How do you create a memorable experience with your new entrance, and convince people that your brand is worth the effort? You do what other brands do not do. You create content for those who are happy you’re here, not for yourself. You adapt to their needs and desires. By speaking their language and putting consumers first, what might have been just another brand launch managed to reach over 19M people, got over 200k online interactions, and gathered thousands of people in line at the Burger King restaurant every day, for more than a week after the opening. Here is how we managed to have a memorable launch and hit a sales record on the first day after the opening.

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The first “Thank You”

In Romania there are a lot of disabled people that cannot use their hands. We do not have any statistics on this specific disability, but, for example, there are more than 30.000 wheelchair users at this moment and part of them cannot use their hands either.

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High school friends are forever

The entire idea of the “High school friends are forever” concept was to give an emotional twist to the annual fundraising KFC & Pizza Hut campaign “I want to go to high school” and to create a connection between beneficiaries (children), project ambassadors (bloggers, journalists, VIPs) and customers (donors).

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1 Minute Challenge

With over 26 years of healthcare expertise, Philips Sonicare strives to give consumers the confidence that their oral health is improved when using products designed and approved by dental professionals. On a market where the number of electric toothbrush users is on an ascending trend, there are still manual users who don’t trust them, but if they were to be convinced of their effectiveness, they would be inclined to switch to electric products.

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