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After several years with only few communication initiatives implemented, Pantene, one of the most loved beauty brands in the world, had a single-digit market share on the local market. P&G needed to take quick action to change the situation.


Get your YOU on!

Romania is a patriarchal country where men are anything but encouraged to be themselves. “You’re the tough sex, don’t cry, don’t share your feelings, get a “man” job, be tough, suck it up!” is a conversation in almost every family. The campaign idea: challenge these stereotypes and inspire Romanian men to be themselves through relatable stories.

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Looks like freedom

In 2019, AVON wanted to launch its biggest campaign of the year: Looks like freedom – an international platform with a speech about importance of authenticity, redefining the concept of beauty and breaking beauty standards.
Looks like freedom platform showed a whole new point of view on beauty for AVON: we wanted to be known as the aspirational attainable beauty brand for all.

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The Bearded Men Calendar

NIVEA MEN, Romanian market leaders on most male care categories, were launching a brand-new product in late 2017: the first NIVEA MEN beard oil.
According to studies, most women find men’s facial hair attractive and feel it projects a masculine vibe. Men with beards are perceived to be more confident, generous and sincere. The beard trend seemed to be here to stay – so instead of convincing men to shave, NIVEA MEN came with an alternative.

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Samsung voice to women creators

The cultural context for women is one of struggle, being surrounded by a lot of pressure. They are preached to with messages disguised as help – “lean forward”, “you can have it all”, “focus on one thing.” But these messages don’t empower women – they generalize what a woman should aspire to, thereby denying her the power to decide for herself.

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H&M, the fashion democratizer brand present in Romania since 2011, has always been a benchmark of style in matters of communication also. With top entertainment global partnerships and campaign, H&M never actually developed a local comms campaign for the launch of a new collection in Romania. Until this summer. Our brief? Develop the first local campaign for the launch of the H&M summer collection. Our challenge? Make it BIG, whilst keeping it all online.

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