Replate waste

Food waste is something people have been living with for a long time. Most might have overlooked it, though. The idea of the “Replate Waste” campaign was assembling a digital mechanism that transformed a general “infamous” individual deed (generating food waste basically almost every time you eat) into the inspiration for a creative process and, ultimately, a good deed. We turned to digital to make people part of a change: awareness on a global issue, on one hand, and support for a social cause, on the other.

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Fighting tax evasion and the grey economy through electronic payments usage – The Cash Back Law

In March 2016, our client Mastercard challenged us to devise a communications strategy focused on supporting the implementation of a law project – dubbed by the media the “cash-back law” – that would support rapid cards acceptance infrastructure development by introducing as compulsory the acceptance of card payments at retailers with annual turnovers over EUR 10,000.

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Taste the Joy of Home

The national imprint was more than a brand statement, it was a manifest for promoting family values, bringing people together and making them feel empowered when they are next to their dear ones. Who would have thought that family meals have real, tangible effects on children and adults personal development, that its benefits are more than reuniting with our family, or who was curious enough to rediscover traditions and understand the history of family meals, so that could create so many wonderful opportunities in the future?

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Clean Cans

Golin’s task was to devise a communication strategy and implementation to ensure widespread visibility around the new feature, so as to help boost beer can sales and ensure brand differentiation from competitors.

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Purcari Listing on the BVB

Purcari Wineries is a Moldova-based company which, in late 2017, decided to list on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) through an initial public offering (IPO). Although a well-established enterprise with renowned brands in the Republic of Moldova and market leader in Romania on the premium segment, the corporate media presence of the company was limited.

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High school friends are forever

The entire idea of the “High school friends are forever” concept was to give an emotional twist to the annual fundraising KFC & Pizza Hut campaign “I want to go to high school” and to create a connection between beneficiaries (children), project ambassadors (bloggers, journalists, VIPs) and customers (donors).

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