Premiu: Golden Award for Excellence


Each year, 500 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in Romania. Another 5.000 children are already undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, pediatric cancers can only be treated in a handful of specialist clinics scattered throughout the country, often far from the children’s homes.

Life hangs by a thread of hair

One of the most affected patients in Romania are children suffering of cancer due to a poor health sector with no appropriate conditions for the little ones and with no involvement from authorities. The unfortunate consequence of this reality is that, in Romania, one of two children suffering of cancer is dying, while in Europe, 80% of those affected will eventually survive the disease.

Vocational Students League

Since 2015, Vocational Romania became the national platform used by OMV Petrom to advocate for a better vocational education (VET) in Romania. While advocating for change, we came to realize that VET PUPILS, the most significant recipients of the change, are a silent mass of youngsters that is neither consulted nor accounted. Lacking representativity, is hard for pupils to address decision makers and ask them to initiate VET improvement. Vocational Students League was born to act as a representative group for VET pupils, that will produce a systemic and relevant change for vocational education but also improve craftsmen reputation. We choose Buzau, as a pilot county, to test the approach but also to prove #itcanbedone.

Vocational Romania

Two years ago, OMV Petrom looked for a solution to address a three-fold issue: on one hand, the company had an ageing workforce, with lack of skilled craftsmen affecting long term performance. On the other hand, with operations in 300+ communities, the company needed to create job alternatives to prevent mono-industrialism.

The Crisis of the (Un)Happy Chicken

On March 21st a woman uploaded a picture on Facebook showing a discolored chicken from Agricola after putting it in saline marinade, accusing the brand that it uses artificial colorants to make the chicken look better. The Facebook post had been shared 27,000 times in 12 hours, sparking negative comments as many angry people said we are poisoning them with artificial chemicals. The crisis was over after 48 hours after it began by communicating to our Facebook fan base the official reports from authorities that didn’t find anything wrong with the chicken meat. It was perfectly fine!

Gillette SkinGuard – Confessions and irritations

With more than 100 years legacy in continuously innovating and developing new razors for a comfortable shave, Gillette was about to introduce in Romania a totally new product that targeted men with highly sensitive skin during shaving. This time, the product came with only two blades and a unique innovation – SkinGuard technology. In order to avoid confusion among consumers who have already been used with innovations around the precision blades, we set the main product benefit at the core of our launch campaign.

Mastercard Vibes

Earlier this year, Mastercard debuted its sonic brand identity, a comprehensive sound architecture that is aiming to reshape the paying experience. To introduce their new MOGO – musical logo to the public, the brand chose Electric Castle, Romania’s most famous music festival. But Mastercard’s DNA is priceless for everybody, and not everybody is at a music festival. We’re talking about the deaf community. In Romania, they are usually overlooked and have a hard time finding public events they can attend.

Drive-Thru League

In an industry with high employee turnover, McDonald’s wanted to give its crew a confidence boost. Teamwork and good spirit are business drivers in hospitality business, so we sat down with the Operational and HR teams to design a program that would drive employee collaboration and also help increase sales.

Money Bistro, Season 1

Romanians love, dream, spend a lot on food… but they never „digest” money lessons. Rogalski Damaschin PR decided to put on their tables financial appetizers for a healthy life, and opened Money Bistro. The first video series about financial education was created for Raiffeisen Bank at the end of 2018, and reached up to 10,000,000 Romanians.

The Entrepreneurship Museum

In 2017, CITR Group understood that saving the companies from bankruptcy and restoring them into the economic circuit is not enough. They had to address the stigma that entrepreneurs are facing when confronted with difficulties. We launched a corporate communication platform called “Second Chance”, in order to generate empathy towards entrepreneurs in distress and promote the Group’s expertise.