An: 2017

Vocational Romania

Two years ago, OMV Petrom looked for a solution to address a three-fold issue: on one hand, the company had an ageing workforce, with lack of skilled craftsmen affecting long term performance. On the other hand, with operations in 300+ communities, the company needed to create job alternatives to prevent mono-industrialism.

Look, a stork!

With this campaign, ENEL and SOR have managed a premiere at European level: the first mobile application dedicated to a citizen science project aiming at implementing a stork census. Enel showed deep involvement in the welfare of the community and environment protection as it contributed both to securing the stork nests placed on electric poles thus protecting the storks from the danger of electrocution and to insuring proper function of the electric grid. The initiative has rapidly found its enthusiasts, and in the month while the pilot project was implemented, more than 8.000 storks have been identified.

I work at McDonald’s. I learn at McDonald’s

Working at McDonald’s is a never-ending source of communication opportunities. So, at the end of 2016 we turned to the employees – the greatest communication channel of them all. We managed the entire campaign from a transparent angle, and because people were curious, McDonald’s employees answered their curiosities. For the first time, employees have become the voice of McDonald’s – and they’re a strong voice, indeed.

Lidl. Surprising People. Surprising Careers

Lidl Romania has grown rapidly, and currently has more than 5,000 employees. To keep up that pace, we needed new human resources, as well as to build loyalty among existing employees. Thus, Lidl integrated brand communication, developed under the slogan ”You Deserve To Be Surprised”, with employer values, and launched ”Surprising People. Surprising Careers” – a corporate campaign meant to position Lidl as an employer.


Whether it is ridesharing (uberX), food delivery (UberEATS) or driverless technology, UBER’s mission is to offer viable alternatives to the personal cars and make urban mobility available to everyone, everywhere, at the push of a button. However, innovation brings change, and change is often feared, misunderstood or just not welcomed.

The Romanian Kitsch Museum

A brand new and hip museum, with an innovative theme, opens in the old center of Bucharest. Five months later into the campaign, the Romanian Kitsch Museum became one of the most popular destinations in Bucharest. We resorted to a non-conventional PR campaign inspired by the identity of the museum. The launch consisted of two actions: a tour for the media in the morning and a kitsch party in the evening.

The Sound of Helplessness

Unu si Unu NGO wanted to launch a campaign that would make a wider audience empathize with the situation of families with prematurely born children (known as preemies or premmies) and to announce a new initiative: the creation of the first multidisciplinary center for families with long-term hospitalized children.

World Premiere – Launch of Mastercard Instalments

In January 2016, our client Mastercard had a project in the global launch pipeline through which it sought to empower consumers to make high-value purchases while at the same time manage their budget in a smart way – Mastercard Instalments.

Bank-speak for Everyone

In recent years, Romania has been facing a destabilization of the relationship between clients and banks, caused by the Romanians` lack of faith in banking institutions. Some of the main issues are the contracts and the lack of transparency when it comes to all clauses.

Together for 20 years

The case study of Raiffeisen Bank’s “Together for 20 years” campaign – PR Awards Gold winner in 2017, for the “internal communication” category – is a detailed description of a complex and integrated internal communication campaign, that offers a valuable resource of know-how to all those interested, communication professionals as well as academia.